Option to restart the Veyon Service on Clients from the Master

  • Now and then the Master will show clients with red screens rather than their active screens. This often can be corrected by restarting the Veyon Service on those red-screen clients.

    It would be great if the Master has the option to start/restart the Veyon Service on clients.

    Thank you.

  • You can restart from the Master. However, I remove that button from the configuration app because one click and you have accidentally restarted a client. Maybe you turned it off and didn't realize it.

    I was hoping to see if you were asking for a confirmation prompt. I would like to put the restart button back, but need to have a prompt intercepting an accidental click.

  • @DrewLoker Hi, I am not referring to restarting a client but the VeyonService on it - e.g. using SC to start/restart the service. Thank you.

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